Day 25 Of Sheltering in Place

Day 25 Of Sheltering in Place

April 08, 2020
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It may seem like a strange number of days to begin a blog, but it's probably taken this long for reality to sink in for me.  At first, I was in overdrive!  Making sure my family was safe, my environment was supplied and my animals were not going to run out of food.  

Next came the work related preparation.  Did everyone have a laptop, a work phone that would work at home and methods to communicate.  It's a lot of technology stuff, but for the most part, the internet is our friend.  We now have ways to communicate in writing, by phone and even by video conferencing.  The latter comes in very handy to help my team stay motivated. I believe that being able to see each other every now and then, holds our team together. 

I'm finally feeling everything that is in my control, has been handled. It seems, at crisis time, some people go into overdrive while others retreat into a state of not knowing what do do next.  There are both kinds of people in this world and we will come across both.  Neither is right or wrong, but it is the responsibility of those who can move to help those who can't. 

A few years ago, I was blessed to be able to take an extended vacation to do a religious pilgrimage in Spain.  It's called The Camino Santiago.  If you are interested in seeing an accurate fictional portrayal of the famous walk, there's a great Netflix movie called "The Way" starring Martin Sheen.

In a way, this time of COVID-19 reminds me a lot of my experience on "The Way"   I had to prepare for the time I would be away.  I had to make sure I had supplies.  I had to make sure I could communicate with family and my office.   All of the preparation would make the 500 mile walk doable.  On the days leading up to the departure, I went into overdrive, packing and repacking my backpack, knowing that I could only take what I could carry.  What would I need?  Would it be enough?  Would it be too much? 

When the first day of walking began, and I realized I'd done everything within my control.  I could relax.  I could do my job on the Camino.  Walk, Eat, Clean up, Sleep and walk again.  Each day realizing that I needed only what was in my backpack, my two feet, my will to move forward and my enjoyment of the experience. There were days when I thought I couldn't walk another step and about that time, something or someone helped me move.  There were days I came across someone who was struggling and then it was my job to help them take that next step.  When I made it to the end of that journey,  felt stronger and more in step with Gods plan for me in the world. 

We are all on a Camino of sorts.  We have done what is in our control, we do our job of sheltering in place,we take time to connect with friends and family by whatever method we have and we rest with the hope that we will make it to the end of this journey.  And when we do, we will be stronger.